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To the necessary but complex technologies trying to solve global issues through the ingenuity of countless scientists, we should add a less sophisticated but equally challenging path.

This statement, this manifesto, aims to weaken the destructive inertia we have 
somehow acquired. It intends to reach people’s emotions

and their dormant love of nature. 
It wants to remind them of their true nature.

It is hard to conceive a generation that wants to save something it

does not know or something it feels no special affection for. 
If future generations do not accumulate (happy) memories in natural environments, 
if they do not perceive forests as the home that saw them grow up, they will not be 
compelled to preserve it nor the rest of  the natural environment. 

Up to this moment, the natural environment was regarded – comprehensibly- as a hostile element to protect ourselves from. Architecture has taken care of that and has even isolated

urban spaces from the environment in an radical way. 

The places to be designed must not only create a bond with the environment

but also bring us again closer to it. 

Without this work, rooted in the love for the 
environment, the attempt 
to preserve it will simply become 
a flickering flame.


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