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Sometimes I look up to the sky in order to forget that we are down here.

To be born a millennial means that, ever since you can remember, you simply try to forget the mistakes of our existence.

And so does our society.

The burden of guilt may be too heavy to acknowledge and a change seems too painful.

First ignorance and then denial.

Now, we follow with acceptance and isolation.

Some of us even embrace the romantic idea of an end; a lonely place in our minds where we isolate ourselves. Within this isolation we find space to reflect and, some of us may even find beauty within this defeat.

What are the post-industrial remains and ruins all around us if not the end of a disastrous path? And yet, we are attracted to them as if we were insects flying towards the light of their past.

A light that reflects off on the scars of our wounded environment, showing us what we were too distracted to see.

It is within this beauty that we must take shelter and it is within the still beating heart of the failed remains that we must be reborn.



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